Bye Bye Vampires, Hello 3-Layer Dreams

Yes you heard me well, there’s a new genreĀ  in the movie world and it has nothing to do with veins. It actually reminds me more of the times of Freddy Krueger, when I was affraid to go to sleep.
Inception hitted the theatres last week and I was quite sceptical as Leonardo DiCapro was in the lead and it has some sci-fi about it but the reviews made me curious.
For those of you who haven’t seen it, I guess you just should. whether you like it or not-i think you should have seen it. I just sense something about this movie that will develop more. It has the creativity, the originality, the right time and the right effects. I really believe that there will be many more movies and spinoffs like they did with this one and I would not even be suprised if a part 2 would be taken into consideration.
Well, who am I to judge as I don’t know how much money they made yet but I could advise anyone to just watch it, It’s just the movie you should see and think about.
Just be prepared for a 3 hour long movie with new and creative ideas and scenes. If vampires are the 2010 issue for girls, I guess it’s safe to say that this sci-fi heist genre is for the boys.

The original movie